Monday, June 24, 2013

Back from Market!!!! and it feels so good... :)

Scrap Attack would love to announce..... we will now be carrying 
"Scrap Jewelry"! 

Take a peak at what we have available! 
Aren't they precious?! 
We will ship to US customers. Must call to place the order.
409.755.4777  <3 Andrea

Great gift ideas and all UNDER $5. 
(beats driving to Beaumont)

The cross earrings are double sided. 
So if they flip around then the are a awesome coordinating color.

Also, we picked up some new bling while we were there.
Very reasonable in price and so cute!

Don't forget about Kids Camp!
Click HERE for more info.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kids Camp | Summer 2013

25th Art Day –                                                 Price -$10                   Time-2-4p.m.
·          Pastel Cross
·         Crayon Melt Art
·         Visual Art Journal
·         Circle paint abstract

27th Spa Day –                                    Price -$15                   Time-2-4p.m.
·         Bath Bombs
·         Lip Scrub
·         Bubble bath bars
·         Lip Gloss

2nd  4th of July – BRING A SHIRT                                            Price -$10                   Time- 2-4p.m.
·         Flag Shirt
·         Firework Holder
·         Candy favor
·         Edible art

      9th Science Experiment Day               Price -$10                   Time-2-4p.m.
·         Melting Ice exp
·         Lava Lamp (not hot)
·         Dancing Raisins
·         Color Exp 

11th All About Plants –                                              Price -$10                   Time-2-4p.m.
·          Terrariums
·         Bottle Planter
·         Book Planter

23th Cooking Gear –                                       Price -$10                   Time-2-4p.m.
·         DIY Apron
·         Pot Holder
·         Wooden Spoon art

25st National Cowboy Day –             Where cowboy attire for a photo   Price -$10      Time-2 -4p.m.
·         Cowboy History
·         Rope Name
·         2 cowboy crafts

30thDinosaur Day       –                                 Price -$10                   Time-2-4p.m.
·         Play Dough Fossils
·         Ice Fossils
·         Dino Planter
·         Dino Eggs
         Dino Tracks painting (they get to wear dino shoes to make tracks with paint)


1st  Outdoor Fun Day – Wear play clothes or swimsuit              Price -$10                   Time- 2-4p.m.
 DIY Bubble Blower & Bubble Painting
·         Marble Races
·         DIY Splash Bombs
        Moon Sand

6th Crafts and more crafts                                                     Price -$10                   Time-2-4p.m.
·         Memo Board crafts
·         Beginner Scrapbooking

8th Photo Art – Bring 2 different 4x6 prints & 6 summer photos  Price -$10                 Time-2-4p.m.
·         Photo Block Puzzle
·         Photo puzzle – popsicle sticks
·         Summer scrapbook

13th DIY –                                        Price -$10                   Time-2-4p.m.
·         DIY  stamps
·         2-3 DIY crafts

15th Teacher Gifts –                                        Price -$10                   Time-2-4p.m.
·         DIY teacher stamps
·         2-3 teacher craft gifts

20st National Lemonade Day – Where lemonade attire for a photo        Price -$10     Time-2 -4p.m.
·         Lemonade
        2-3 summer crafts

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kids Camp | Summer 2013

Here is this years Kids Camp schedule. Please call & pay to sign your child up. Spaces are limited.
Details and examples coming tomorrow, Wednesday, June 5th.