Monday, August 17, 2015

Mixed Media"ish"

Not into the mixed media techniques because it seems too busy, difficult or messy? Well I'm 100% sure we can change your mind on it....or at least enough to incorporate in into your next project. Come by the store and we will show you exactly how we used the texture paste to add the 3D pattern to this layout. 

We love using old torn up bibles that someone was throwing away to incorporate a verse into the theme of the page! This one was perfect "for this child I prayed" AMEN to that! 

We also added a few random loose pearls throughout the layout along with the swirl shaped sticker set. They were also used to embellish the chipboard cross after we gold-leafed it. 

A little paint and cheese cloth to finish it off! 

Nice little close up of the Texture Paste and Cheesecloth. We die our cheesecloth different colors to match the theme....of course this time we left it white & PURE ;)

Thank you all for stopping by to view this layout. Be BRAVE and try new product...or come by and let us help you venture out. 
Much Love,
Andrea & Robin
Scrap Attack

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